Riders & Spectators of Ram Jam are only permitted in the arena, the pits, mechanic area & parts dept. All other areas and property are private and strictly prohibited.
You will be asked to leave if caught in prohibited areas

No minor will be allowed to ride without their parent.

However, if you decide to send your minor with a legal guardian you must use the Parental Consent Form provided on this site only, no others will be accepted. It can be found on the TRACK INFO TAB, select the Parental Consent Form. The notarized form must be completed by both parents & dated each time for the minor to be able to ride.

1. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the premises. You will be asked to leave without refund if caught.

2. No fuel cans will be allowed in the building. You must refuel outside.

3. You must display practice band on mouth piece of helmet for practice. Anyone caught practicing without signing up first & paying May be asked to leave or could be charged double.

4. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by parent or authorized guardian as indicated on Parental Consent Form.

5. All riders and spectators must sign waivers.

6. No pit riding. You must walk your bike or quad from your parking to the building or pits.

7. No riding is allowed in parking lot OR ANY OTHER OUTSIDE AREA.

8. Shirt and shoes required at all times in building.

9. No one allowed on track except for track personnel and/ or EMT.

10. Riders must wear proper safety gear when on bike or quad. This includes helmet, long-sleeved shirt, boots, and gloves.

11. All quads must have operating tether kill switch, available at RJ Parts and it must be used at all times when on the track.

12. Track officials and/or owners have the final word.

13. Each rider is responsible for cleaning up after themselves.

14. If you have any problems you must see track official.

15. Ram Jam, its employees or owners are not responsible for any lost or stolen property on the premises.

16. All riders are responsible for the actions of the people with them.

17. Ride at your own risk. No Insurance Provided